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The Grand Conspiracy by William Penn  (April, 2001)

When Fidel Castro orders his assassins into Colorados Grand County to kill the vacationing American and Russian Presidents, Buck and Dolly Madison and Bucks Vietnam War buddies are caught in a conspiracy with international consequences. Do they risk their lives to save the life of an American President who loathes the military or do nothing?  But when the terrorists shoot down their private plane on the St. Vrain Glacier, Buck and Dolly must try to fight their way through a gauntlet of death to stop the destruction of the Lake Granby High Dam and, hopefully, save the lives of thousands of innocent Americans. Order this book now at AMAZON.COM .

The Panama Conspiracy by William Penn   (March, 2003)

Because of the September 11th atrocities, the President of the United States wants Osama bin Laden dead. Because they killed his son, Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro, wants Buck and Dolly Madison tortured and killed. Because Red China wants to invade Taiwan, the CHICOMS want Fidel Castro to help them cripple the U.S. Navy by blocking the Panama Canal.

Retired Army Colonel Buck Madison and retired CIA linguist Dr. Dolly Madison are caught in the middle of this international power struggle and personal vendetta. All the Madisons want to do is take a leisurely cruise from Hong Kong to Miami via the Panama Canal. But just as the Madisons are about to leave Hong Kong, the President of the United States orders Buck Madison into al Qaedas secret Tora Bora headquarters in Afghanistan.

The Panama Conspiracy paints a colorful and thought-provoking picture of international intrigue and violence across a canvas that runs from Grand County, Colorado, to Hong Kong, to Afghanistan, to Hawaii and to the Panama Canal. Once again, Buck and Dolly Madison are caught up in a geo-political chess game in which they are the pawns. Readers who thrilled to The Grand Conspiracy, will find The Panama Conspiracy even more exciting. Order this book now at AMAZON.COM.


The Berlin Conspiracy by William Penn  (December, 2010)

Following the successful conclusion of Gulf War II, the United States of America and its allies are on the verge of winning the War on Terror. But key members of the al Qaeda terror network are still alive, still dangerous and still in hiding. The President of the United States wants the al Qaeda leadership and its trained assassins drawn out into the open and brought to justice.

 Mr. Abu Amed, the devoted aide-de-camp to the late Osama bin Laden, is now the chief-of-staff for what remains of the monstrous al Qaeda organization that planned and carried out the atrocities of September 11, 2001. Determined to keep al Qaeda from becoming extinct, Abu Amed has ordered his assassins to remain dormant unless irresistible targets of opportunity present themselves. But Abu Amed has also taken an oath to take revenge on retired Army Colonel, Buck Madison, the person Amed believes is responsible for the death of Osama bin Laden.

Knowing of Abu Amed's hatred for Colonel Madison, the President of the United States asks Buck and Dolly Madison to lure Abu Amed and what is left of his al Qaeda organization out of hiding by engaging in an international game of cat and mouse. Unfortunately, the Presidents plan calls for Abu Amed and his assassins to play the role of the cat and for the Madisons to be the mice.

If the Madisons are to survive this life-and-death game, they must employ all of the CIA tradecraft they have been taught and even make up some new tricks-of-the-espionage trade as they go. The Berlin Conspiracy is a wild ride that takes the reader from London, to Paris, the Balearic Islands, Gibraltar, Barcelona, Casablanca, Lisbon, Hamburg and, finally, to Abu Amed's secret al Qaeda headquarters in Berlin.

Readers who enjoy reading about the shadowy world of espionage will find The Berlin Conspiracy even more satisfying and exciting than The Grand Conspiracy and The Panama Conspiracy. Order this book now at AMAZON.COM.

JFK: The Umbrella Conspiracy by William Penn  (October, 2013)

In the 1930s, Adolph Hitler had powerful friends in England who agreed with his anti-Semitic and racist policies. On country weekends, some of the most prominent members of English society, and even the American Ambassador to the Court of St. James, gathered at Cliveden Manor. There on the estate of Lord and Lady Astor, they plotted ways of keeping Great Britain out of a war with Nazi Germany. The Cliveden Set, as they were called, put enormous pressure British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain to appease Herr Hitler.

As history records, Chamberlains appeasement of Hitler and the sell-out of the countries overrun by the Nazi war machine led to World War II. As a result, millions of innocent people lost their lives and the Jews of Europe were almost exterminated.

Some of the sons and daughters of the men and women lost to the Nazi menace in World War II swore to take revenge on the surviving members of the Cliveden Set. For that purpose, they formed a society so secret that its name is still unknown.

JFK:The Umbrella Conspiracy details how the work of the assassins in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963, was actually designed to kill more than one Kennedy -- and did. Order this book now at   AMAZON.COM .   This book is also live in the Kindle Store and is currently enrolled in KDP Select. It is available to purchase here.


NB: According to Amazon and Barnes & Noble, readers of this conspiracy series also purchase novels by: David Baldacci, Tom Clancy, Michael Crichton, Nelson DeMille, Frederick Forsythe, among others. E-book versions of The Grand Conspiracy, The Panama Conspiracy,The Berlin Conspiracy and JFK: The Umbrella Conspiracy are available via Kindle and other e-book formats, to include iPhone and iPad.


About the authors:

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William Penn is the nom de plume of a husband and wife writing team. After retiring from military service that took them to virtually all of the places described in their novels, they settled in Grand County, Colorado.

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