Because of the September 11th atrocities, the President of the United States wants Osama bin Laden dead. Because they killed his son, Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro wants Buck and Dolly Madison tortured and killed. Because Red China wants to invade Taiwan, the Chinese Communists ask Fidel Castro to help them cripple the U.S. Navy by blocking the Panama Canal.

Retired Army Colonel Buck Madison and retired CIA linguist Dr. Dolly Madison are caught in the middle of this international power struggle and personal vendetta. All the Madisons want to do is take a leisurely cruise from Hong Kong to Miami via the Panama Canal. But just as Buck and Dolly are about to sail from Hong Kong, the President of the United States orders Buck Madison into al Qaeda’s secret Tora Bora headquarters.

The Panama Conspiracy paints a colorful and thought-provoking picture of international intrigue and violence across a canvas that runs from Grand County, Colorado, to Hong Kong, to Afghanistan, to Hawaii and to the Panama Canal. Once again, Buck and Dolly Madison are caught up in a geo-political chess game in which they are the pawns. Readers, who thrilled to The Grand Conspiracy, will find The Panama Conspiracy even more exciting.