Photo by Clark Kays

In order to halt the ability of al-Qaeda to direct the actions of the Islamic jihadists who kill and maim innocent men, women and children, Buck and Dolly Madison are dispatched on a tour of Europe designed to ferret out the leadership of al-Qaeda in Europe and to further fragment al-Qaeda’s command structure.

Colonel Buck Madison, U.S. Army (Ret.), and retired CIA linguist, Dr. Dolly Madison, are caught, once again, in the middle of a situation testing all the survival and espionage tradecraft skills at their command.

The Berlin Conspiracy reaches from Grand County, Colorado, to Berlin, through Washington, D.C., and back again, leaving in its wake scores of al-Qaeda’s best operatives and exposing Buck and Dolly to a series of almost unimaginable dangers. Working behind the scenes, the Madisons avert a tragedy of untold proportions in Berlin. But that is not the end of what al-Qaeda has in store for them. Readers who found The Grand Conspiracy and The Panama Conspiracy exciting will keep turning the pages of The Berlin Conspiracy well past their bedtimes.